What Our Core Values Mean to Our Employees

Our core values serve as a compass, directing us toward a common purpose and fostering a culture that empowers, inspires, and celebrates each individual’s unique contributions.

Nolan Taylor – Apprentice

“Excellence” seems to get tossed around all over the place and doesn’t seem to have a very clear meaning. Personally, excellence means to continually overcome challenges and learn. To care about what I am doing and to keep moving forward.

Professionally it’s being able to take what I’ve learned in life and apply it to my work. Always do the right thing, and allow me to grow professionally. Help others when I can and realize that we are on the same team and we grow together.

Quality is my goal every day. Make sure that the quality of my interaction with others is the best it can be. It means to do your best and not have regrets at the end of the day. Professionally I try to give it my all and to go home knowing that I did my best work, and made every second count.

To me this means problem-solving. Learn and overcome any challenge life and work can throw at me.

To do the right thing when nobody is watching. Understanding your responsibilites and fulfilling them.

Clark Briesacher – Project Manager

Excellence is the all-encompassing platform Archer Mechanical strives for. In the simplest terms, it is our bare minimum. From the work visualized and budgeted for to the work performed and installed it is the only way, we do things. It starts top to bottom with our relationships. Archer is in the business of putting the right people in the right opportunity, and this includes employee to supervisor, supervisor to project, and everything in between. Our excellence even stems beyond our working relationships. It is how we treat our friends and families, and what we have to offer others outside of working hours. It doesn’t take much time at Archer to feel this standard of excellence, and it takes even less time for it to become your bare minimum.

Archer’s “Quality” is our promise to others. It is a commitment and one that we do not take lightly. Quality is the product installed and the service provided. It is a guarantee made so many times that our clients never have to question it. Our quality is a top to bottom way of doing things. We do it right the first time to ensure we deliver our clients a top-notch sustainable product.

Archer adopts an innovative mindset. This means that we approach all setbacks as opportunities.

Our integrity is a market-wide trust that was hard-earned and one that we strive to uphold.

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